WoNiMS: Introduction 
Women of Nepal in Mathematical Sciences (WoNiMS) was created by a group of women mathematicians and announced at the program “One-day Seminar on Mathematical Sciences in Nepalese Context” organized by CSC in December 28, 2013 at Denish Hall of Padmakanya Campus of Tribhuvan University.

It aims at promoting women in mathematics in Nepal and mathematics among undergraduate girl students and women in cooperation with groups, mathematical societies and organizations with similar goals and exchange of ideas in mathematics research and teaching of mathematics.

WoNiMS is a platform for women in mathematics research and teaching profession to share knowledge, skills and experiences among them. It will acts as a community of practice for their professional growth.

WoNiMS: Goals 
To increase the participation of women mathematician in research work and academic activities by creating a platform for sharing experiences and disseminating knew knowledge. To contribute to the professional growths and development of Nepalese women mathematicians through the activities: seminar, workshop, training, research schools and exposure to new methods and technology of mathematics teaching and research.